WHO A.R.E. YOU? – Part 1

    In order to live an exceptional life, you have to determine – who you A.R.E.

    What are you Attributes, your present Reality, and your future Expectations.

    Your attributes are intrinsic and learned. Herein lies your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, and your behavior – which comprise your character. When we enter the world, we intrinsically begin to cry out for what we need – to be fed, changed, held. Shortly thereafter, parents and guardians begin “teaching” us “how-to’s” – hold the bottle, say “mama, dada”.

    As we grow older, they teach us our values – “Don’t touch that, Eat your peas, Come here, Share, etc.” Our beliefs are shaped by what we are taught. What we are taught become our beliefs. What we believe become our convictions. Our convictions become our thoughts. Our thought eventually become our actions.

    “Nothing a human has produced or created was without first thought.” – April Ripley

    If we want to change our present Reality  to our future Expectations, the process of determining our Attributes is important. We must establish what we know, what we believe, and what we are convinced of.

    ….Stay tuned for Part 2….


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