More than a decade ago, I launched my consultancy, The Premiere Image, Inc. What began as “just me” had evolved into a corporation.

For me, this transition came with a mix of excitement and apprehension. It wasn’t a fear of starting; it was the thrill of something new—something planned paired with the recognition of possibilities outside my control. Perhaps I might choose to veer off the plan a bit, follow a trend, and end up who knows where! The new and uncharted realms of entrepreneurship beckoned, and I followed.

In the following chapters, I will share with you the discoveries I’ve made and a bit about my business journey. I hope these insights encourage you and help you move along the path God has called you to walk—especially if that path leads you into the realm of the marketplace. These insights will show you the purpose of enterprise, the vitality of vision, and how to ensure business success through environmental cultivation with pinpointed strategies that fit your business model and ultimately maximize your positive influence and impact.

April Ripley



Recognized as one of the top “100 Women Entrepreneurs in Atlanta”, acclaimed author, speaker, entrepreneur and international protocol and image consultant, Dr. April Ripley has helped hundreds of people and businesses learn how to outclass their competition and position themselves at the top of their respective ladders of success.

Dr. Ripley is the founder and CEO of The Premiere Image, Inc., a company devoted to creating exceptional people and companies, specializes in etiquette and protocol instruction for today’s ever-changing world. Her direct and professional style is interactive and entertaining, as she teaches time-tested principles, such as respect, honor, understanding and integrity, for professional and personal growth.