WHO A.R.E. YOU? – Part 2




    In the last post, I spoke about finding your Attributes. These Attributes help to navigate the seas of life. However, in order to reach your destination, you must have a charted path – aka, a Vision. Vision helps to discipline your choices in making the decisions that move you closer to your goals.

    Vision also shapes your relationships, education, and supports your values. Vision is the co-captain of your life ship. You are the captain because you make the final decisions; however, vision assists you in making sure the turns you make still lead you to the destination desired.

    Vision allows you to access your present Reality, and ask the hard questions:

    Where am I?
    Where do I want to go?
    Do I have the Attributes to get me there?
    Do I need to develop these Attributes further?
    Am I making the decisions that take me closer, or drive me farther from my desired destination?


    It is important to answer these questions honestly. This is your life, and you must chart the right course. This is not a dress rehearsal. You have already been prepared (given Attributes) and dressed (Gifts) for the role you will play.

    If you answer these questions, you will have your present Reality…But what does the Future hold?

    Are you wearing your sunglasses? I see a bright future ahead.

    Stay tuned…Part 3 is next…


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